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Academic proofreading

Wordy’s academic proofreading services help graduates, Ph.D. students and staff alike to produce standardised, high-quality academic writing.

With expert editors and proofreaders in 56 subject fields from business to medicine and mathematics our academic proofreading service includes:

  • Handling of all file formats including MS Office, PDF and LaTeX
  • Publish-ready content in all subject fields
  • Real-time access to editors 24/7
  • Editing in all major house styles including ACS, AMA, ASA and CMOS
  • Best-of-web turnaround times to meet even tight deadlines
  • Comprehensive one-click ordering.

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Academic proofreading services

Well-written and grammatically correct content is essential for any academic text. Student essays, presentations and papers are all subject to examination and critique by your academic peers, so academic proofreading is essential when checking the boxes of a solid academic text.

Wordy employs experienced editors from across the globe to provide you with a true real-time service 24/7. Accuracy and efficiency is our top priority, and we endeavour to have your work proofread and back to you as quickly as possible.

Student proofreading services

For students, proofreading is crucial to ensure that the final piece is at its very best. Wordy will proofread any academic text including staff lectures, studies and book chapters. We provide proofreading services for students who want to perfect their work and provide you with the very best academic proofreading services.

Academic proofreading UK

With a workforce of highly educated and skilled editors, Wordy is a reliable and efficient academic proofreading service. We aspire to deliver expeditious and precise academic proofreading and provide the best academic service in the UK and beyond. We will proofread English texts for students and teachers worldwide, checking the English if it’s not your first language and checking the grammar for you to help prepare impressive academic work.

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