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Our copyediting rates are flexible depending on your needs. Wordy offers plans using credits bought for cash, and you're able to use these credits when and how you wish—giving you maximum flexibility and value for your money.

Flexible Pricing

The copy-editing rates per page vary depending on the plan you choose and the services you add. Our flat price is the same for both general content and specialist copy-editing, such as medical or legal texts. We provide an excellent editing service done by real people who make sure statements and assertions are checked and verified.

Rates for copy-editing

How long a piece of work will take varies according to:

  • The type of copy processed—legal and medical texts will take longer, as they contain more complex language, and standard text is more straightforward.
  • Type of edit—a simple check of grammar and punctuation or a more thorough look at structure and content.
  • State of the original—a poorly drafted document or one written by a non-native speaker is bound to take extra time.
  • Complexity of layout—a simple book page is quicker to proof than is an illustrated magazine with a sophisticated layout.

Wordy assumes a rate of 1,200 words per hour or more. Because this is a low copy-editing rate, the chances are that your work will be turned around well before the deadline.

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