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What is Business Editing?

When you’re running a business, it’s essential that any documents and papers that you draft are well written and free of typos and grammatical mistakes. You can use Wordy’s business editing services to ensure that your work is up to the highest standards possible while retaining your own personal style. We will edit and proofread client letters, proposals, presentations, reports, and any other business documents.

Business Letter Editing

When you’re writing letters, you want to ensure that you don’t alienate your audience through industry jargon or sloppy sentence structure. To avoid this, our editors will proofread any letters or documents you send to us and ensure that our business editing services are swift and accurate. To provide you with the best service, we offer you:

  • Best of Web turnaround time, 24/7
  • Expert editors in all major time zones
  • Create your own house style to maintain consistency
  • Choose from English, German and Danish editors

While you are using our business editing services, you are in direct contact with your editor so that you can make changes to the work and clear up any confusion at any time to guarantee you receive your finished work promptly.

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