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Why is a Freelance Copy Editor a Good Investment?

Whether you are a website owner looking for appropriate copy or a company wanting a single corporate written message reflected in a variety of media, a freelance copy editor can save you enormous amounts of time, money and frustration. Many businesspeople have clear and inspirational ideas for their company’s purpose or for promotional content, which fail to come across as effectively as they might due to difficulties in ‘getting it down on paper.’ Freelance copy-editing can help with this by correcting and improving sentence construction, grammar, and phrasing, resulting in a polished, professional end-product. offers high-quality freelance copy editing UK wide, catering to the needs of various industries. You can specify the areas in which you want the freelance copy editor to have expertise, ensuring he or she will be familiar with relevant terminology. Using freelance copy-editing means you don’t have to find an appropriately qualified person through a complex recruitment process or waste money on expensive advertising. If you’re not content with the quality of the final document, even offers a money-back guarantee.

Freelance Copy-Editing from Wordy

The sign-up process for obtaining freelance copy editing UK wide is quick and simple. Everything is done electronically, so you can send and receive text wherever you are. The turnaround times are very short, with most work being completed within a few hours or less, depending on its length and complexity. If you are pleased with the results of an initial piece of work, you can request the same editor for subsequent pieces. This is particularly helpful if your company wants a consistent written style across the organisation for various projects and presentations. With competition among companies growing in many sectors, it makes sense to give your business as many advantages as you can. Polished written material gives an excellent first impression and showcases your product or service impeccably.

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