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Wordy is a real-time, human, copy-editing and proofreading service for everything you write. We not only dedicate ourselves to provide you with quick, quality editing, but also a workflow thatʼs as smooth as possible.

In this guide youʼll learn to:

  • select the right pricing plan
  • create your first job
  • contact your editor
  • return an unsatisfactory job to your editor
  • add users to your account
  • add an editor team
  • add a house style.

Select the right pricing plan

Not all users on Wordy are Platinum users. In fact, many users only have the occasional need for Wordy – students, researchers, job seekers, and CEOs to name a few. On the other hand, publicists, communications departments, marketing, HR and PR professionals have daily needs to publish excellent content.

Platinum plan

To select the right pricing plan consider:

  • your daily/weekly/monthly output of content;
  • how much of that content needs to be in excellent shape;
  • size and importance of audience;
  • your own proficiency in writing (probably not as good as you think).

Once you’ve established your needs, select the appropriate plan. You can always upgrade or downgrade your plan if your needs change – your settings will follow.

Step 1: Select the appropriate pricing plan from

Step 2: Fill in your account information and credit card details if you haven’t already done so.

Remember to add your name, company and VAT number (if applicable) to your account, if you want this information to be printed on your invoices. You can set Wordy to automatically top up your account when it reaches ten per cent of your plan, or you can top up manually when you run out of credits.

Create your first job

You shouldn’t need to spend more than two minutes sending a job to a Wordy editor – regardless of size, subject and complexity. So there are only two things we need from you in order to deliver the best possible service – these are language settings and your brief to the editor.

Create a new job button

To create your first job:

  • Have your content ready in in a common file format, such as Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), rich text format (.rtf), plain text (.txt), Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf), Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx), HTML (.html), LaTeX (.tex) or text to paste.
  • Other formats are quoted manually after uploading – this usually takes no more than one hour. If you’re under deadline pressure, please convert your file into one of the common formats listed above before sending it.

Upload screenshot

After uploading your file(s) or pasting text you’ll get an instant price quote and an approximate delivery time for your job. When you’re satisfied that everything is as you want it, simply click on “Create job” to start the editing process.

Step 1: Select language, subject, and write your brief to editor on

Step 2: Upload files or paste text until you are ready for your order to go ahead.

Step 3: Click the “Create job” button.

You can cancel a job as long as it hasn’t been picked up by an editor. If the job has been picked up, you can contact the editor and ask for a cancellation. At that point, it is up to the editor to decide.

Contact your editor

During the editing process you can contact your editor from the job’s page – great for last-minute instructions and corrections, and for bringing the editor’s attention to something particular in the text. Simply type your message in the “Conversation history” and send it. The conversation, of course, goes both ways: if the editor has any queries about your text, you’ll be notified by email and should answer your editor as soon as possible.

Conversation history

Real-time contact between you and the editor has a lot of advantages. You can:

  • notify your editor of last-minute alterations and corrections in the text;
  • instantly clear up any queries the editor might have when working on your text;
  • get answers to your questions when you’ve received the text instead of starting a complete “Return to editor” process;
  • get to know a particular editor a bit before adding him or her to the team.

Step 1: Go to the job’s page for the job in question on[JOB-NUMBER]/

Step 2: Write your message in the field under “Conversation history”.

Step 3: Click the “Send message” button.

Please try answer any queries the editor might have as fast as possible. Also, editing of your conversation with the editor is not included in the service.

Return a job to your editor

With “Return to editor” you can send your job back to the editor if you’re not completely satisfied with the outcome. Please remember that Wordy is a professional human proofreading and copy-editing service, and humans are not always right – not even Wordy’s editors.

Please return a job to your editor if:

  • you’ve found errors in the text
  • your brief or house style has not been followed.

Step 1: Go to the job page for the job in question on[JOB-NUMBER]/

Step 2: Write your message in the field under “Conversation history”.

Step 3: Click the “Send message” button.

Please, always make sure to write a covering brief of your job. Letting the editor know exactly what you’re looking for, what to be aware of – even linking to any samples of the final product you’re looking for – will help to ease the editing process immensely. Also, if you have any quick questions, and do not need to return the text, simply contact your editor with a message instead of returning the job.

Add users to your account

You can add as many additional users to your account as you want. New users will have the same access to editors and house style as you have, though as an administrator you can always set the permissions for individual users, and keep track of all users’ billing and spending.

Add users screenshot

Adding new users means you can:

  • have colleagues and co-workers use a common account instead of creating their own;
  • track billing and spending from everyone much more easily;
  • set everyone up with the same editor team and house style to maximise consistency in all your writing.

Step 1: Go to the users page on

Step 2: Click the “Add new user” button.

Step 3: Fill out the required fields – including a temporary password – and set user permissions.

Step 4: Click the “Add user” button.

You can always adjust the permissions of a user, or remove a user from your account later.

Add an editor team

With an editor team, you can have a team of editors with a specific professional or educational background to handle all your content. For anything but generic editing, this is a great way to optimise the quality of your content. To ensure quick turnaround of jobs, try to set a team of more than one editor.

Editor team screenshot

Adding an editor team means you can:

  • make sure your content is handled by editors with the right professional, educational or even cultural background;
  • specify in exactly what subjects your editors should be proficient;
  • work with a team of editors on an ongoing basis, so you don’t have to ‘start all over again’ with each job;
  • simply choose to work with editors whose work you like the most, based on previous jobs.

Step 1: Go to the editor team page on

Step 2: Click the “All editors” button.

Step 3: Browse the editors on Wordy, or filter them using the dropdown menus to narrow your search.

Step 4: Click the “Add to team” icon next to the editor profile until you’ve set a team of five or more editors.

You can always add or remove editors from your team.

Add a house style

If you or your company maintains a house style, you can add it in your "House style" settings. In fact, if you do not have a house style, we strongly encourage you to create one. This is a great way to ensure consistency in your writing and, together with setting your own editor team, the house style ensures uniform quality across all of your content.

House style screenshot

Adding your own house style means:

  • you can set specific standards for how all your content is edited on Wordy;
  • you can create a more uniform expression of your writing even though you have multiple writers or content creators;
  • you don’t have to brief the editor fully on each job, but simply refer to your house style.

Step 1: Go to the house style page on

Step 2: Copy and paste your house style into the text field.

Step 3: Click the “Save house style” button to save your house style.

Step 4: You can check your house style is active: once a new job is created a small “House style” icon will appear below the job name linking to your current house style.

If your house style changes, simply add the entire new house style to Wordy and brief the editors of the changes when sending your next few jobs. Your editors will always have access to your most recent house style and will follow it. You can always add or remove editors from your team.

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