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Anders Schepelern

Anders founded Wordy with the belief that excellent writing can change your world. He has years of experience with numerous start-ups, and as a copy-writer he has received some of the biggest prizes in advertising including a Cannes Gold Lions and a One Show Gold award. Anders has a BA in Political Science and a BA in Philosophy.

Klaus Lovgreen

Klaus has spent many years in the online space and since 1996 he has had extensive hands-on experience creating, running and finally selling a company in the online advertising and media industry. Klaus has a BA in Commerce.

Martin Diessner

Martin has a great passion for everything digital, entrepreneurial business ideas and technical gadgets. In 2004, with his business partner Dinesh Lalvani, he co-founded and set up Flip Media, which later became the leading digital media and marketing company in the Middle East. Martin has an MSc in Computer Science.

Zsolt Ménesi

Zsolt has several decades of international experience in fields ranging from business development through to sales and marketing. He has developed numerous programs, initiatives and tools for Nokia throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with the aim of expanding and promoting their cutting-edge gadgets and technology. With his highly relevant and advanced levels of expertise he continues to bring innovation to the Chinese internet market. Zsolt has a BA in Mechanical Engineering.


Seedcamp is Europe's leading micro-seed investment fund and mentoring program. Since launching in 2007, our family now includes 70 of Europe's most promising start-ups with several acquisitions. Backed by an awesome team, board and group of investors, we are incredibly active and run events and invest in start-ups throughout Europe every month.

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