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Legal proofreading service

Wordy provides real-time legal proofreading by expert human editors in all major time zones. We deliver best-of-web turnaround times at competitive prices.

Legal proofreading and copy-editing includes:

  • correct grammar
  • reliable punctuation
  • appropriate words
  • strict guidelines for handling sensetive content
  • correct spelling
  • internal consistency
  • logical structure

All editors work under a strict non-disclosure agreement and Wordy runs on a verified SSL EV encryption on its own database.

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Precise legal proofreading

Legal proofreading is probably one of the most important roles in the legal profession, as a wrongly placed comma or colon in a legal document can result in a significant difference in interpretation. With so much at stake, finding high-quality legal proofreading services is extremely important. This is why offers online legal proofreading from highly trained professionals who have extensive legal knowledge. They are familiar with the specific meanings terms have within the legal profession and are aware of the need for using particular phrases and sentence forms to convey the correct intent. As well as correcting faulty grammar and poor spelling, the proofreader will have the skills to ensure robust sentence construction and logical presentation of the finished papers.

Proofreading legal documents

If you haven't used an outside agency for proofreading legal documents before, is an excellent resource to consider. All the work is undertaken electronically, so you can receive the corrected item wherever you are, often within hours of submitting it. Customers can specify the areas of experience they wish the person undertaking their legal proofreading to have and can request legal proofreading services from a particular individual if they were impressed with a prior submission.

Wordy's legal proofreading services

Using one member of the team for proofreading legal documents for your organisation enables you to build a relationship with that individual in the same way as any other valued colleague. Online legal proofreading can offer the same level of commitment and dedication as your existing staff team, but in a flexible and non-obligatory manner. Given the non-negotiable deadlines and tight timescales that are endemic to the legal profession, it makes sense to use a skilled professional to ensure your documents are swiftly and accurately checked. Knowing your paperwork is flawless is imperative to achieving a successful outcome in legal matters and ensures you are offering clients an appropriately high level of service.

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