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Medical proofreading

Medical Proofreading

Within the medical profession, there is a long-standing joke that goes along the lines of, “The more senior the member of staff, the worse the handwriting is!” Oftentimes, medical personnel are under intense time pressure, and quickly written notes and requests can sometimes be difficult to decipher, allowing the potential for errors to creep in. Even where handwriting is not an issue, complex medical terminology and abbreviations can make documents virtually unintelligible to the untrained eye. Professional proofreading for medical documents is essential if mistakes are to be avoided.

Proofreading for Medical Documents

A medical proofreading service needs fully trained professionals who can not only correct spelling, grammar and sentence construction but are also fully cognizant of medical terminology. At, anyone undertaking medical proofreading will possess a high level of technical expertise and will be aware of the abbreviations common in medical documents. Proofreading for medical documents through is available when you want it and for whatever volume of medical proofreading you need. Using online medical proofreading services means you can respond flexibly to varying workloads, having extra help when you need it without the requirement to enter into long-standing contractual arrangements.

Wordy's Medical Proofreading Service

The medical proofreading service is all conducted electronically, and the data is thoroughly encrypted during transmission, minimising the possibility of sensitive information being compromised. You can send and receive work wherever you are, making this an ideal service for medical personnel who work at multiple venues. If you are pleased with the work that has been done, you can request the same staff member to complete subsequent jobs. This facilitates a productive working relationship, resulting in work being completed in line with your expectations. For any medical professional who needs competent, responsive medical proofreading services quickly, we have experienced staff members who will be delighted to assist.

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