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WordPress korrekturlæsning

Blog Proofreading

Many bloggers and website enthusiasts will be aware of Wordpress, which is some of the leading software available for the creation of attractive and unique blog pages and other individual Web space material. Creating a personalised style and unique presence is a key requirement for success in this area. This includes sustaining high-quality content on a regular basis so that subscribers constantly have new material to peruse. Regardless of the formality or otherwise of the blog, a high standard of spelling, grammar and presentation is vital if readers are to be kept entertained. Blog proofreading is an excellent tool for ensuring your message is delivered in a coherent manner.

Wordpress Proofreading

If you work in Wordpress and need Wordpress proofreading done quickly, professionally and by a human rather than a machine, then at, we have a specifically tailored service to meet those needs. Our Wordy for Wordpress feature enables you to have your material proofread, checked and corrected in real time, all without leaving Wordpress. Downloading the Wordpress proofreading plugin is straightforward and will give you excellent results, making your work more readable without affecting content. As blogs are updated frequently and often comment on hot topics and current trends, blog proofreading needs to be extremely rapid so your content can be viewed as quickly as possible. Using Wordy for Wordpress is simple and extremely fast, giving you Wordpress proofreading at the speed you need.

Wordy for Wordpress

As an experienced and professional team of proofreaders and copy editors, we know exactly what Web users need from their proofreading services. The Wordpress proofreading plugin was specifically developed to meet those needs, enabling bloggers to concentrate on the essence of their commentary rather than spending valuable time on correcting grammar and sentence construction. Using an external proofreading service is a sensible way of ensuring your work is polished and articulate whilst giving you the time to generate new information.

Wordy for WordPress lets you seamlessly send your blog posts to for real-time, human, proofreading and copy-editing – all without leaving WordPress:

  • Best of web turnaround time
  • Expert editors in all major time zones
  • Choose between English, German and Danish editors.

Wordy relies on professional copy-editors and proofreaders to establish long-term relationships with clients – with editors in all major time zones, Wordy gives you true 24/7 service.

Wordy lets you focus on creating content, saving valuable resources and improving cycle times.

Wordy optimises the accuracy and readability of your content, making it a pleasure to read and link to.


Use the built-in installer and upgrader from within WordPress, or install Wordy for WordPress manually:

  • Use your FTP program to download the Wordy directory to your wp-content/plugins directory
  • Activate Wordy through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  • Go to 'Settings' to enable Wordy using a new or existing account
  • Configure the language and publishing settings.

That's it. You're ready to go!

Frequently asked questions

How do I get a username for Wordy?

Your username is the email address you use to log in to Wordy. If you do not have a Wordy account yet, you can sign up for free.

How do I create an API key?

Once you’ve created your account on Wordy, you can create an API key in your account settings.

How do I send a blog post to Wordy for editing?

Enter your brief to the editor and send your blog post to Wordy from your post page.

How do I contact my editor?

You can send and receive messages from your editor in real-time from your post page.

Get started with Wordy now and find out how fast, easy, affordable and professional WordPress blog post proofreading, copy-editing and rewriting can be!

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