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Google Docs proofreading by Wordy®

With Wordy's Google Drive integration you can seamlessly integrate real-time, human, proofreading and copy-editing into your Google Docs – all without leaving Google Drive.

The service includes:

  • Flawless grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency and structure
  • Free, instant quote on price
  • One-click ordering
  • Native-language proofreaders and editors in all major time zones
  • Instant approximate delivery time
  • True real-time service, 24 hours a day.

Get started using Wordy for Google Docs

  1. Make sure you’re logged in to or signed up with Wordy.

  2. Go to ‘Google Drive’ under ‘Add-ons’ and click ‘Connect to Google with Google Drive integration’.

    Connect to Google with Google Drive integration

  3. In Google Drive select your document, select the ‘More’ drop-down then click ‘Open with Wordy’.
    Open with Wordy

Tips for using Wordy for Google Drive

  • All Google document types can be proofread by Wordy’s editors (i.e. documents, presentations, spreadsheets and forms).
  • Updates from Wordy and messages to and from the editor are contained within the comments thread in the Google document.
  • You can use the revision history in the Google document to see the changes the editor has made to the document (select ‘File’ then click ‘See revision history’).

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