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I never send anything official without running it through Wordy first.

Jacob Bøtter, Wemind

Wordy allows me to focus on the content of what I post, instead of having to search for silly mistakes.

Tom Howard, Windy Road Technology

Wordy has really changed our way of working with brochures, blog posts and press releases. We don't have to worry about lead times as everything is usually ready within 30 minutes.

Juhani Polkko, Freespee

Wordy helps us to perfect the copy for our newsletters and outreach - a very important tool for communicating with our community.

Philipp Moehring, Seedcamp

My only wish is for Wordy to be integrated with Google Docs, asap!

Peter Engelbrecht, Firmafon

We use Wordy to check almost everything we touch - from our own personal blogs to our clients website, emails, advertising - basically anything in English!

Mickie Poulsen, Agency960

Wordy is spiffy, fast and freaking good!

Toke Kruse, SlideShop

Wordy is my preferred editing service when I need unrivalled speed, accuracy and customer service.

Amelia Berkeley, The Goat Farm

Every part of the specs we release is polished by Wordy. This service is great!

Greg Jakacki, Codility

The first time I saw Wordy I became a fan of the idea. But my first experience of the service really shocked me; it was amazing! Incredibly fast, with very nice people and excellent results.

Jaime Lopez, Creaintecpro

We have had great experience working with Wordy, and have been fully satisfied with their excellent service in editing our papers.

Sukhanovsky Andrey, Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics

I'm a professional horticulturist; my hands are often dirty when I need to send a quick proposal or article. Wordy helps me look clean, tidy, and as detail oriented as I really am when I don't have time to stop gardening and start editing.

Jenks Farmer, Jenksfarmer

Wordy is my secret weapon when I need to publish fast and professional content. I run all my product descriptions through it, and even sometimes have them edit important letters.

Phil Suslow, Oznium

Wordy is a member of our team. Any time, just when you need one.

Jan Horna, ConcertIn

We proofread and edit the content of our websites through Wordy's team is responsive and helpful. This company always meets the deadlines and provides a good quality of text editing.

Kristina Prasad, Cupid Plc