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Book and manuscript proofreading by Wordy®

For writers and publishers meeting a deadline with print-ready content can be a massive challenge. Wordy provides a true real-time, 24-hour service to help both writers and publishers meet the deadline and finalise content on subjects ranging from lifestyle and academics to business handbooks.

Our book and manuscript proofreading service includes:

  • Finalising books and articles for print in cooperation with the editor or writer
  • Well-rounded native speaking editors in multiple time zones
  • Ensuring consistency in words, grammar and structure
  • Working from a fixed house style to ensure consistency across content.

Wordy has editors based in the UK, US and Australia to provide a true real-time service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Create your free account now for an instant free price quote and approximate delivery time of your book, manuscript or article.

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Book and manuscript proofreading and copy-editing

Wordy's editors will ensure that your manuscript is ready for publishing in any format by:

  • checking grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • ensuring the tone is appropriate to the readership
  • marking up headings and other non-body text
  • looking at overall content, structure and progression
  • making the text consistent with house style
  • making sure that all preliminary pages and other non-body text material (e.g. footnotes) are available
  • referring any outstanding queries to the author or client as appropriate.

Before book proofreading

When you send your work to Wordy for manuscript proofreading, there are several things editors need to know before they start working on the text:

  • What genre of writing is the manuscript (fiction, non-fiction, drama, etc.)?
  • The purpose of the writing and what it is trying to achieve – is it to make people laugh? To create a special atmosphere? To influence the reader through argument?
  • What the client wants – is it substantial improvement/suggestions or just a final polish?

On Wordy you always have direct access to the editor working on your content – both before and after delivery. This ensures that any last-minute changes can make it to the text.

Online manuscript proofreading

By using Wordy's online book proofreading and online manuscript copy-editing service, you can ensure that you are as involved in the book’s proofreading as you want. While working online, book copy-editing notes can be easily exchanged between you and the editor. To retain your style and intentions throughout the book or manuscript, your editor will take several steps:

  • Read the whole text carefully before starting to edit to get a sense of the author's personal style
  • Note inconsistencies and discrepancies as well as obvious errors. For instance, when a character in a novel is shown doing something very 'out of character' for no reason, your editor will mention this
  • Point out style problems such as repetition or use of cliché.

You can also rely on your editor to:

  • Make no unnecessary changes, especially not to wording or a phrase etc. because they don't 'like' it
  • Be aware, especially in fiction and play scripts, that 'mistakes' may be deliberate, e.g. dialect/slang features or linguistic jokes.


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