Make Wordy
work for you

Make Wordy work for you
Multi-user accounts with group-wide job sharing

Wordy lets you add multiple users to your account and gives you full control of user roles, account billing and spending. In addition, you can share your jobs with other users on your account, making collaboration even easier. Get started

Set your own editor team

By setting an editor team, you can give specific editors priority access to all your jobs. You can choose editors with specific professional or educational backgrounds and even lock your editor team to limit access to your content to a selected group of editors. Get started

Share your house style for maximum consistency

Add your company’s house style to Wordy to ensure maximum consistency and uniform quality across all your content. All the editors who work on your jobs will have access to your house style and will use it as a reference point for all the jobs you or your team post. Get started

Tailored accounts for enterprise clients

When you sign up as an enterprise client, Wordy can tailor your account to give you access to additional features, such as multiple users with different user roles, highly specialised editor teams, individual invoicing, comprehensive service level agreements, 24h support and more. Get in touch for more information

Choose between two delivery types: Fast or even faster

Depending on your deadline and budget, you can choose between two delivery options for every order: Standard and Express. Your price quote and approximate delivery time will instantly refresh when you switch between the two so you can make the right choice. Get started

Save up to 10% on all jobs with credits

Credits are a great way to economise your account spending and save up to 10% on every order. You can use credits for one or multiple orders and for all the users on your account. Credits don’t have an expiration date. Get started