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Proofreading services by Wordy®

Wordy is a professional, human, proofreading service that enables companies and individuals to produce high-quality, on-message content and avoid costly errors. Our comprehensive proofreading services include:

  • Professional, human proofreading by native language speakers
  • Multi-user accounts with full control of budget and spending
  • One-click ordering with 24h service in all major time zones
  • Instant free price quotes and approximate delivery times.

For all kinds of content, careful proofreading is essential to deliver a clear, consistent message. Create your free account now and experience how Wordy can optimise your content starting today.

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Proofreading services

Wordy’s proofreading service differs in three very important ways: our proofreaders are available 24/7, you have direct access to your editor, and our constant review system guarantees you the best possible end result. In short, Wordy provides you with a proofreading service that delivers maximum quality at a minimum price.

Controlled proofreader acquisition and peer-reviews

Wordy recruits specialist proofreaders in all major time zones, including Europe, the United States, Australia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East to fulfil our clients' needs for speedy delivery. Our global network of proofreading professionals means no matter what time zone you're in, your content is likely to be picked up within minutes and processed in a similarly prompt manner. As long as you have an Internet connection, you have access to Wordy’s proofreading services and global network of proofreaders.

Proofreading services UK and beyond

When choosing a proofreading service UK clients largely look for quality, cost and expedience. And while Wordy strives to tick all these three boxes our service is not limited to the UK alone. In fact we go to great lengths to ensure that our service remains unmatched on a worldwide level.

English proofreading services

For speakers of English as a Second Language (ESL) the use of colloquial metaphors or idioms can be almost impossible to master, and incorrect use can misdirect the reader. Wordy's English proofreading services takes the hassle out of writing on-message content – even for ESL speakers – and ensure that any document intended for native English speakers will be clearly understood.

If you require an English proofreading service and you want your work proofed and returned to you promptly, it is time to create your free account on Wordy. We have done all we can to ensure our English proofreading service is the absolute best it can be, so your content will stay on message.


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Frequently asked questions

What does editing involve?

The Wordy editing process involves making corrections to grammar, punctuation, spelling, use of appropriate words, internal consistency and logical structure. This process is also known as substantive editing, developmental editing or comprehensive editing.

What does rewriting involve?

Rewriting means substantially rewording your content in order to improve consistency, flow and the natural use of language. When ordering rewriting, please be careful to brief the editor on exactly what you are looking for. Based on a price per word, you can use rewriting as a tool to condense and reword your content, but not to expand it significantly from (for example) 400 words to 1,200 words.

What file formats do Wordy support?

Wordy handles most common file formats, such as Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx), Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx), Rich text format (.rtf), Plain text (.txt), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), HTML (.html), LaTeX (.tex). All other formats are quoted manually, this usually takes no more than one hour. If you're under deadline pressure, please convert your file into one of the common file formats before sending it.

Is all work done by real people?

Yes, editing is done by skilled professionals who have been individually tested and verified by Wordy. If you're looking for a great academic copy-editor, chances are you'll find more than twenty instantly available on Wordy.

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