First-language editors
based in the UK, US, Canada
and Australia

First-language editors in all major time zones
Editors with proven track records

Every editor on Wordy has been vetted and verified by our team, and is continuously tested and peer-reviewed to maintain a consistent, high quality. We aim to maintain a large pool of editors with excellent track records, a wide variety of expertise and at least 10 years of experience. Get started

Education isn’t everything, but...

Wordy’s editors are highly educated, with 11% holding PhDs, 25% holding MAs and MScs and 64% holding BAs and BScs. This level of education gives you instant access to a large pool of great knowledge regardless of your subject. Get started

Team up with the best

To ensure consistency and minimise the learning curve, you can create a team of editors based on their specific backgrounds, locations, languages or education levels. You can even give your team exclusive access to your jobs so you only work with your chosen editors. Get started

Comprehensive editor profiles 

All editor profiles on Wordy provide comprehensive information, including the editors’ language(s), experience, educational level, professional background and physical location. It’s much easier to work with people you know. Get started

First-language editing experience required

Wordy’s editor tests are designed to test specific language competences. In addition, our open text tests give us a great indication of each editor’s editing skills and style. So if you’re looking for a great US English editor, you can be sure that’s what you’ll get. Get started

Block if the chemistry isn’t there

If you’re not satisfied with an editor for any reason, we offer three free re-edits and a comprehensive money-back guarantee. In addition, you can block editors to make sure you never work with them again, which makes your life a little easier if the chemistry isn’t there. Get started