Copy-editing rates
on Wordy

Flexible copy-editing rates with fixed low costs per word

  • Full control of multiple-user accounts
  • Average pick-up time: 20 minutes
  • First-language editors only.
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Wordy's flexible rates for copy-editing and proofreading enable you to publish flawless, on-message content while retaining full control of your budget and spending. Our pricing plans are made to offer you a professional copy-editing service you can use on a regular basis without straining your budget.

Our copy-editing rates are designed to cater for both companies with a daily need for business editing and individuals who need occasional editing of all kinds of writing from cover letters to articles and job applications. All Wordy's plans are pay-as-you-go plans with no monthly subscription and no set-up fees. Create your free account and start exploring your options with Wordy today.

Flexible pricing

Wordy's copy-editing rates are flexible enough to fit most needs. All our pricing plans are designed to give you maximum flexibility and value for your money with a specific number of words/credits you can use when and how you wish.

Our copy-editing rates per page vary depending on the plan you choose and the services you add. Our flat price is the same for both general content and specialist copy-editing, such as academic, medical or legal texts.

You don't pay extra for specialist editing, just as there are no added fees for our 24/7-service, weekend-delivery or even ESL texts.

The time/price ratio of copy-editing

The moment you upload your content you'll always get an instant approximate delivery time based on all prior jobs of the same size. How long it will actually take to copy-edit your piece varies according to:

  • Type of content – specialist content like legal, medical and academic texts will take longer, as they contain more complex language while standard texts are more straightforward
  • Type of edit – a simple check of grammar and punctuation or a more thorough look at structure and content
  • State of the original – a poorly drafted document or one written by a non-native speaker will take extra time to edit
  • Complexity of layout – a simple book page in Word or PDF format is quicker to edit than an illustrated magazine article with a sophisticated layout.

As a starting point Wordy assumes a rate of 1,200 words per hour or more. Because this is a low copy-editing rate, the chances are that your work will be turned around well before the deadline.