Copy-editing services

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What is copy-editing?

Copy-editing is Wordy’s basic product and a more detailed process than proofreading. Our editors check for correct grammar, reliable punctuation and correct spelling, but also the internal consistency and logical structure of the text and suggest alternative words.

What is a copy-editor?

A copy-editor is a language professional with a deep understanding of the written language, a well-rounded professional background and a relevant education. A copy-editor's job is not to alter the meaning of a text but optimise the text to convey its message as accurately as possible.

A copy-editor checks the text for:

  • correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • appropriate words, vocabulary and technical terms
  • internal consistency of meaning and expression
  • internal consistency of wording
  • logical structure
  • conformity to house style and typographical conventions
  • correct formatting of references, citations and footnotes
  • adherence to a design specification.
Why do you need professional copy-editing?

Consistent, well-written content will always set any company and individual apart, but editing copy to the highest standard is not something anyone can do. A professional copy-editor will do a better job making the text more readable using less time. That’s why using Wordy will not only save you from costly errors and rewrites, but also reduce cycle times and ensure consistency across all your content. If you're unsure about the use of the subjunctive, or how to structure your subordinate clauses Wordy can help you.

Wordy copy-editing services

If you are faced with the question, ‘what is copy-editing?’, ‘what is a copy-editor?’, or 'why should we pay for copy-editing?', the answer is simple: a Wordy copy-editor can take a good piece of writing and help you make it great.