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How do I start using Wordy?

To start using Wordy, simply sign up and create your first job to receive a free instant price quote and an approximate delivery time of your text. Then choose a pricing plan and confirm your order to send it to our editors. Once your job has been picked up, you can contact your editor directly from the job's page. It's as simple as that. For a more comprehensive guide, please see ‘Get started with Wordy’.

Most frequently asked questions

How can I use the words in a plan?

Clients pricing plans

A plan includes a number of words you can have edited in one or multiple texts and documents. In other words, if you select a 2,000-word plan, you can have one document with 2,000 words edited or four documents with 500 words edited — you decide. You can combine plans to reach a specific number of words. Also, plans don't have an expiration date, so what you don't use today, you can use next week or next month. When your plan is used up, simply top it off or select another.

What does ‘Confirmation required’ mean?


‘Confirmation required’ means your job hasn't been confirmed and paid for yet. If you haven't yet bought a plan, please do so and then click the pink ‘Confirmation required’ link and complete your order. If you've already bought a plan, simply click the pink ‘Confirmation required’ link and complete your order. Remember, ordering is a two-step process; first you create your job, and then you confirm your order.

Why hasn't my job been picked up by an editor yet?

Clients approximate delivery time

When you send an order, we give you an approximate delivery time. The approximate delivery time is not a promise but an indication of when you can expect your job returned to you. If your job hasn't been picked up, or even if the approximate delivery time has passed, please know we're working hard to assign your job to the first available editor. Please also check whether you've locked in your editor team, which can have a big impact on the expected delivery time (but will not show in the approximate delivery time).

How do I contact my editor?

Contact your editor

To contact your editor start out on your dashboard and then select the job to get to the job's page. Under ‘Conversation history’ write and send your message – your editor will be notified right away. Once your editor has answered you you'll get an email notification and see the new message in your conversation history. You can continue the conversation as long as the job is open.

How do I share my account with others?

Clients account users

Go to the Users-settings for your account and click ‘Add a new user’, then enter the user's credentials and set the user's permissions for the account. You can control all aspects of added users to your account and even track each individual’s expenditures.

How do I add an editor team and a house style to my account?

Clients editor team and house style

Under ‘Add-ons’, you can find the settings for both your editor team and your house style. When you've uploaded your house style, all editors working for you will have access to it for maximum consistency among jobs. Please note, if you select a very small editor team and then lock it, it can have a big impact on turnaround times! If you have any questions about your editor team or house style, please contact us.

Editing, rewriting and ordering

What does editing involve?

The Wordy editing process involves correcting grammar and punctuation and ensuring correct usage, internal consistency in usage, and coherent logical structure. Wordy editors will always provide corrections for incorrect or nonstandard grammar or usage; they will sometimes reorder or consolidate sentences. Occasionally, they may suggest reordering paragraphs, although larger-scale reorganisation, particularly of long documents, is outside of Wordy’s scope. This process may be called copyediting or line editing.

Wordy editors do not fact check or do research, and they typically do not edit or cross-check references. They may change references from one style to another or reformat a document according to your specifications, but if there are more than a few references or the document to be formatted is more than a page or two, the job should be entered as a content rewrite.

What does rewriting involve?

A content rewrite is a more substantive edit than a basic Wordy edit. For a content rewrite, your Wordy editor will substantially reword and reorganise your content in order to improve consistency, flow, and readability. They may, if requested, condense a document to a given word count. This process is what many editors call a substantive edit.

You should also request a content rewrite if you require any significant work beyond the scope of a basic edit, such as reformatting of a long document or restyling of references.

Note that Wordy editors do not do research or fact-checking. They will not expand your text significantly or provide substantial new material. They do not complete incomplete references or cross-check references.

When you request a content rewrite, you should be sure to provide a brief message telling the editor exactly what you’re looking for, including information regarding any length limits or other restrictions you must work within.

What file formats does Wordy support?

Wordy handles most common file formats, such as Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx), Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx), Rich text format (.rtf), Plain text (.txt), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), HTML (.html), LaTeX (.tex). All other formats are quoted manually, this usually takes no more than one hour. If you're under deadline pressure, please convert your file into one of the common file formats before sending it.

Is all work done by real people?

Yes, editing is done by skilled professionals who have been individually tested and verified by Wordy. If you're looking for a great academic copy-editor, chances are you'll find more than twenty instantly available on Wordy.

Can I upload multiple files?

Yes, simply select all the files you need to upload to Wordy. If you need to paste several pieces of text, you can either paste them all into the same window, or one at the time until your order is complete.

What should I write in my brief to the editor?

Any comments or instructions that can help the editor do a better job. This might include a description of the target audience, problems you are aware of, whether the writer is a native English speaker, preferred spellings or things you want the editor to change (or leave alone).

Plans and payment

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal, as well as Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

All plans can be upgraded or downgraded at any time.

What happens when my account reaches zero?

You can top up manually, or set Wordy to automatically top up your account when it reaches 10% of your plan.

After my last order, I was invoiced two amounts: the cost of the job and also the fee for my current plan. Why was the plan fee added?

When your account balance drops below zero, Wordy automatically tops up your account with the price of your current plan ($49). You can use your account balance for future jobs.

Are my name and my company's name printed on the invoices?

Yes, once you've added your name and company to your account, this information will be printed on your invoices.

Do I have to pay VAT?

If you register as a company client, always fill out the ‘Company’ and ‘VAT’ fields in your account settings. You are subject to 20% added VAT if you register with a UK address. The same goes for clients from the rest of the EU without a valid VAT number. Clients from the rest of the EU with a valid VAT number fall under the law of zero-rated VAT. Clients registered outside the EU are not subject to VAT. Lucky you.

Can I get my money back?

We will refund any unused credit in your account minus a 20% handling fee.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, and if you're not completely satisfied with our work, you can claim up to three re-edits from your editor, free of charge.

How do I edit my credit card information?

If your credit card information has been updated since your last order, you will be prompted to update your details when reordering.

What happens if I terminate my account?

Terminating your account will delete your account information and order history, and will mean that you are no longer able to access files from closed orders. Account termination is carried out instantly, so please choose this option with caution. Contact to terminate your account.

Other FAQs

I would like to know the deadline before I submit a job.

When you create an account on (it's free), you can upload your job for an instant price quote and approximate delivery time.

Do you guarantee the return time?

80%+ of all jobs are returned within the estimated delivery time and we have support editors in multiple time zones to make sure jobs are processed as quickly as possible.

What's the turn around or delivery time?

The turn around time is approximately 30 minutes per 400 words during weekdays and 40 minutes per 400 words during the weekend depending on original text quality. 1,200 words takes about one hour, 2,000 words takes one hour 30 minutes.

Can I set a deadline?

No, we aim to start processing jobs right away, and you can always mention your deadline in your brief, but at the moment you cannot set a deadline.

How long does it normally take until a job is allocated to an editor?

90% of jobs are allocated to an editor in less than one hour.

Is the time estimated for delivery the time I will get the document back, or the time the document will be delivered to the editor?

It's the time for getting the document back.

When we get something edited, do we see tracked changes?

Yes, if you send in a Word document or paste your text you'll be able to see the changes. If you send in PPTs, PDFs or XLSs, tracked changes is not available.

Do you support multi-iterations?

After the job is returned to you, you can ask the editor to fix things you don't like. If you rewrite the text or add new content, you would need to create a new job.

Will you guys rewrite a sentence if you find an error or just correct the basic spelling and grammar problems?

We do intrusive editing, which means editors will rewrite sentences but flag if major rewriting of entire passages is needed. If you need your text rewritten please select the ‘Rewrite’ option when ordering.

When I edit documents, I usually use a standard style set (e.g., para indent for standard paragraph, etc.) so that these can be picked up automatically by typesetting software. Do you have a style set to be used, or is this decided by each individual customer?

Style is decided by each customer. You can upload a house style for each job. Or use the brief to the editor to indicate what you want. Wordy's house styles can be found on

Do you check for plagiarism?

No, we don't currently offer that service (early 2014).

Do you check references?

We will format references if you tell us what style to follow (APA, MLA, Chicago, CBE, etc.). We will not fact check references, research missing information in incomplete references, or cross-check references (match in-text citations to the reference list).

What is your code of ethics?

Wordy editors adhere to a high ethical standard. That means they always strive to provide the highest standard of service, offering educated and well-considered edits and responding quickly, clearly, and courteously to client queries and concerns.

Wordy editors will only accept jobs they believe to be within their sphere of competence. If on closer examination an editor finds he or she does not have the skills or knowledge needed to complete a job to the highest standard, the editor will return the job or seek guidance.

A Wordy editor may refuse to edit material he or she finds personally offensive for any reason. Once he or she has accepted a job, however, the editor must provide the highest level of service, regardless of his or her feelings about the ideas presented in the work. At no time will a Wordy editor insert his or her beliefs into the author’s work, by modifying text or through marginal comments, or offer commentary that is argumentative or denigrating to the work.

Some kinds of work are by nature outside our ethical code. Wordy editors will not:

  • Provide content editing on university or school assignments, though they will happily provide a light-handed standard edit.
  • Provide editing for materials that are clearly intended to be deceptive or fraudulent or that appear to be intended to support illegal activities.

Editors should report jobs that appear to fall into these categories to Wordy Support.

Do you return two versions of a Word document - a clean one and one where I can see my mistakes?

No, the editor will edit the MS Word document with tracked changes on. You can easily accept or reject each or all changes. You can read more about track changes on

Are you able to re-organise and re-format a text document?

To a certain extent, though, please contact support if you have any special requirements. Also, please note we offer rewriting services, you can read more about rewriting on

Is there a way I can upload our house style guide?

At the moment you can copy/paste your house style into the ‘House style’ section under ‘Add-ons’. You can of course link to the house style, or insert it in the brief field when you create a job.

I am not happy with the returned document. What should I do now?

First, send a message to your editor explaining what you think is wrong. The editor can make more changes and upload a new file for you. If this doesn't work, ask for a re-edit. Also send a message explaining what you want fixed. This forces the editor to look at the document again. If you are still not happy, contact support at and we will help you.

The editor is not answering my messages.

The editor may be taking a break, depending on what time zone they are. If they haven't answered your message within 12 hours, please contact support at

Can I communicate with the editor during the proofreading? I might have comments or questions regarding certain terms and expressions.

We have a Facebook-type messaging system for each job so you can write directly to the editor. You can also communicate with the editor after the jobs has been delivered.

I clicked on re-edit by mistake. What happens now?

Send a message to the editor saying it was a mistake. They will re-send the job without making any more changes.

Is a re-edit done by the same editor?

Yes, the re-edit is done by the same editor.

Will an economist edit my job on economics? Will it be the same person every time? Will they check my economics or just my English?

Firstly, we source professional editors with many years of general experience. Our editors are based in different countries so we can operate 24x7. You can add an editor you like to a team. They will check only your English though if they spot an error in your economics they will raise a query with you.

Where is my editor located?

Most of our editors are in the UK, the US and Australia.

Can I talk to the editor by phone?

No, but you can send them a message from the job's page.

I want to know whether an editor I chose will be assigned to my paper.

We try to match editors with clients. If your brief requires a particular type of editor, contact support at and we will see what we can do.

How can I get my previous editor to edit my future docs (if she is available, of course)?

It depends on the editor's availability, but you can add her to your team simply by clicking ‘Add editor to team’ next to the job name.

What kinds of academic editing services do you offer? Do you do language editing and scientific editing?

We have quite a few different editor profiles. You're more than welcome to write to or sign up to view some of our editor profiles. We can put together quite diverse teams, so get in touch if you need something in particular.

How many editors do you have? Can I have the same editor every order?

We have about 150 editors in the UK, US and Australia. We can definitely help you set up a team of editors. We cannot guarantee the same editor will process all orders (especially if you send through a lot of content).

How can I delete my editor team and get back to normal?

While jobs are running you cannot modify your editor team. You'll either have to wait for all open jobs to have been processed or cancel any open jobs, then delete your editor team on

Is it possible to browse editor profiles?

Yes, after you've signed up ( you can browse editor profiles. Click the button ‘All editors’ on

Are all your editors native English speakers?

Yes, all editors are native English speakers based in the UK, the US or Australia.

Do your proofreaders specialise in different areas, such as business or academia?

Yes, we have proofreaders with a working knowledge in 56 subject fields. In addition, all editors on Wordy are well-rounded in a range of subjects.

How many proofreaders do you have? We have a lot of projects and the team size matters to us.

We currently have a little over 100 UK and US English editors based in the UK, US and Australia. Basically we can create editor teams as large as they need to be, so you're able to process/have edited more than 800,000 words daily

Do editors work on a freelance basis for Wordy?

Yes, we do have select editors on a retainer basis though.

Do the editors work from home or in an office?

From home.

Can I see a sample of work you have edited, preferably on business marketing, before I order?

Feel free to contact for a sample of previous work.

Can I test Wordy for free? Can I get a free trial?

If you want to test the service, please send a test text to Please remember to include a brief and language settings.

Can I see jobs posted by my other users?

As an account owner you can track the usage of users but you cannot see the actual jobs.

What will you do if I send my document to you.

We will start editing right away according to your brief.

What if my paper is already quite decent and the editor only finds a few or no errors? Will I get compensation?

We don't offer compensation since our editors are paid a specific amount for each job. If you're not satisfied with an edit, you can send the job back to the editor or even claim your money back.

Is there an additional cost to using more editors for a document? Would adding more editors increase the turnaround time or is the average turnaround time for a single editor? Would they collaborate or would they be independent, as this could affect the speed of the turnaround or cause confusion?

We can only assign one editor to each job. If you split your document up into multiple jobs and send them in at the same time several editors can work on the different pieces, but this requires a very specific brief, even a house style, to maintain consistency of the document. Alternatively, create a small team and only let one or two editors work on your documents.

Is your service widely used? How many customers do you have?

We have ~1,000 clients from all over the world. Some are very small and only use us once every six months, others use us several times every day.

For some customers, you support their marketing departments. What kind of texts do you edit?

We mostly work on marketing texts / localisation for these clients. For a lot of clients we also work with their communication and web departments.

Is it possible to talk to one of your references?

It's not something we usually do, but you're more than welcome to write to us at for a client introduction.

Do you offer 24x7 customer service?

Our editors are available 24x7. We also try and offer live support 24x7.

Could I have my two accounts combined?

Please contact if you want us to merge two or more accounts on Wordy.

How does one go about becoming an editor or proofreader with you?

Please see

I applied as an editor yesterday. What is the timeframe for hearing back from you about my test results?

We'll process your application and review your test as quickly as possible. Please allow 14–21 days for someone to get back to you.

I've been locked out from the language tests for several months, and I was wondering when I could re-take the tests?

Please contact if you want to retake the editor test(s).

Is it possible for me to take the test again?

Please contact if you want to retake the editor test(s).

When entering my university degrees, should I include the name of my university and their contact email address as I assume this is to validate them?

Yes, that or your own email address and then send scans of certificates, etc.

Do you have an open job position for a sales person?

Please contact for staff.

How do I know if I passed the tests and when I can start? Does it take a long time to be hired?

We'll process your application and review your test as quickly as possible. Please allow 14–21 days for someone to get back to you.

I just failed your online test and would love to know what I got wrong as I've been writing and editing professionally for more than 25 years.

We don't have the means to comment individually on each test, but below is a brief summary of the marking process. We are marking on two criteria: accuracy (the main one) and intervention. By intervention, we mean whether sensible queries are raised, in what quantity and whether any inaccuracies are introduced. Candidates must perform acceptably on both scores. - Candidates must find and correct at least 36 errors per test (i.e. 90 per cent). - There are a few ‘must haves’ in each test, e.g. principle/principal, and missing one of these counts as two errors. If a candidate gets 35–36, there is room for discretion depending on how they do in the next category. - Anything introduced that is plain wrong is an instant fail. - Sensible amendments are acceptable and have neither a positive nor a negative effect on the final outcome unless the candidate shows signs of tinkering too much (say more than three interventions/queries per test). - If we have reason to think someone is a non-native speaker, we will note this.

Do I need to have a registered company to sign up as an editor?


When signing up for Wordy, what kinds of references do you need? Are they personal or job references?

References can be both personal and job references.

I completed an application last week to become a Wordy editor, but have not yet received any confirmation. Did I, perhaps, overlook an admission step or is that sort of information still forthcoming

We'll process your application and review your test as quickly as possible. Please allow 14–21 days for someone to get back to you.

If I worked for Wordy, would there be any contractual arrangement, or is it all done on an ad-hoc basis?

All work is done on an ad-hoc basis. Please find more information here:

Is it enough that I am familiar with Wordy's house style or should I also know New Hart's Rules if I choose to take the UK English test?

You don't need to know Hart's rules in particular, but you should know things like when to use en rules and hyphens.

I was wondering who you decide to hire for your company.


When registering as an editor is it possible to retake the multi-choice test if you fail it the first time round or is that it?

You're welcome to get back to us on after a six months period.

Is it mandatory for editors to be a native speaker of English?

To edit in English, it is better to be a native speaker, but it is not mandatory.

Can we get monthly invoices?

Yes, we can set up separate invoicing for corporate clients. Please contact

How can I get a quote to find out how much your service is?

When you upload your job you will get an instant free quote and delivery time. You can sign up for free on

If I buy a package, how long is it valid for?

Plans do not have expiry dates. You can send in jobs until you reach the word count / credits for the plan.

Is the price based on the original or edited document?

The price is based on the original document.

Can you send a receipt showing the amount of tax paid?

You can access all receipts for your account on (look for ‘Payment history’).

Do you have to buy a plan?

Yes, but you're welcome to create an account and upload your text for a price quote and estimated delivery time.

How much does the rewrite option cost?

The rewrite option doubles the price compared to an editing job.

Do you offer a package for one or three pages?

Our smallest package is for approximately 2,000 words.

Do you charge VAT?

All prices listed are exclusive of VAT. We charge VAT for Europe-based individuals and companies in the UK. For all other VAT is zero-rated.

How much does Wordy pay proofreaders and copy-editors? Do you use freelancers or staff?

The average rate is EUR 20–26 per hour. We expect an average throughput of 1,800 to 2,500 words per hour. 90% of editors on Wordy are freelancers.

How much do editors get paid? Does the rate depend on the customer?

Editors get EUR 5 per 400 words (per 2014) for standard editing or EUR 10 per 400 words for rewriting. The rate does not depend on the customer.

How does the non-disclosure agreement work? is there a document that needs to be signed by both parties?

Non-disclosure is part of our privacy policy. If requested we can have editors sign NDAs individually.

How secure is my content?

All editors are individually checked and verified by Wordy. All data between your computer and Wordy is encrypted and all editors work from a non-disclosure agreement which can be individually signed and sent to you if needed.

Do you keep legal issues/documents confidential?

Yes, all information and content on Wordy is kept confidential.

Do you respect the confidentiality of the documents I send?

Yes. Our editors will treat your information as strictly confidential.

How is a page defined?

A page is defined as 400 words.

How do you count the number of words for charging? I have a document that has many 'screenshots', which are actually copy/pasted text output from a software program. These do not need any proofreading, but I think they make up ~4000 words in my paper according to MS Word.

We count all words, so perhaps you could convert the screenshots into pictures or simply cut them out if you're sure they are consistent.

According to my spell check my article contains 417 words, which is 21 words less than what your system counted.

We use the TIKA word counter for files with different formats like DOC, PDF, DOCX, PPT, etc. In general we deem a 5% variation as acceptable.

Is there a minimum number of words per job?

Yes, we do have a minimum job size of 300 words. If you have several smaller jobs you should consider putting them in the same document. That said, there's no minimum words per job (we get short emails, for example).

How do I generate an API key for my account?

To generate an API key please go to Then, copy/paste the key into the external platform.

How you find your editors?

We acquire editors through an online testing process. We also run a background check to verify the editor is really who he/she claims to be.

When signing up my URL is not accepted on the ‘Account’ page

Please use the entire URL for your website: http://YOURURL.COM

If I applied for an editor position using US English and did not pass the screen test, am I eligible to apply for a UK English position?

Yes, you're welcome to take the UK English editing test as well.

How do I update my credit card information?

If you select ‘Top up account’ of your current plan on you can then select ‘Pay using new credit card (will replace card on file)’. You can also update your credit card information if you get the payment screen when you submit a job.

How do I reset my password?

You can either reset your password with this link: or (if you’re already logged in and know your old password) change your password with this link:

I just switched from the Bronze plan to the Silver plan. Does my balance from Bronze still fall under Bronze rules?

No, all your remaining credit is added to your Silver plan which means a lower price per word.

My company is registered for EU VAT. Does your pricing include VAT?

If your company is based outside the UK all your purchases will be zero-rated (i.e. you won’t pay VAT). If your company is based in the UK we’ll add 20% UK VAT to all purchases.

Can you issue me a receipt for your service?

All receipts are available for download on

How can I view the changes in a Microsoft PowerPoint file?

Open the original PowerPoint presentation then click the ‘Review’ pane and choose ‘Compare’.

How do you edit Microsoft PowerPoint files?

Programs like PowerPoint are meant to reduce thoughts to the barest form of expression: bullet points and slogans. Elegance is completely beside the point. For the same reason, Wordy editors aim for good consistency and proper wording.

Which languages do you edit?

Per August 2015 we offer variations of English (UK, US, CAN, etc.). In 2016 we plan to add German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and French.

How can I track the spending on my account?

If you go to ‘Users’ and click ‘Export to CSV’ you'll be able to download a CSV to keep track of spending.

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