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Freelance copy-editing by Wordy®

Wordy is the web's only real-time, freelance copy-editing service that lets you upload your content for an instant, free price quote and approximate delivery time. In addition, we have professional editors in all major time zones to ensure true 24-hour service, 7 days a week.

Our freelance copy-editing service includes:

  • Real-time copy-editing of written content in 56 subject fields
  • Instant price quotes and delivery times
  • Instant access to editors in all major time zones including the UK and US
  • True 24h service, 7 days a week.

Wordy's freelance copy-editing service enables you to produce high-quality content at a fixed, low cost with no monthly commitment. Create your free account now for an instance price quote and approximate delivery time for your content.

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Why is a freelance copy editor a good investment?

Whether you are a website owner looking for appropriate copy or a company wanting to reduce cycle times and ensure consistency across all content, a freelance copy-editing service can save you substantial amounts of time, money and human resources. Many businesspeople have clear and inspirational ideas for promoting their company or products, but have difficulties in ‘getting the message across’ in a clear, consistent manner. Freelance copy-editing helps you by correcting and improving sentence construction, grammar and phrasing, resulting in a polished, professional end product.

Wordy offers high-quality, freelance copy-editing UK-wide and throughout the world, catering to the needs of a multitude of industries from publishing to pharmaceuticals and architecture. You can specify the areas in which you want your copy-editor to have expertise, ensuring he or she will be familiar with relevant terminology. Using freelance copy-editing means you don’t have to find an appropriately qualified person through a complex recruitment process or waste money on expensive advertising. If you’re not content with the quality of the final document, Wordy offers a comprehensive set of free re-writes and a money-back guarantee.

Freelance copy-editing from Wordy

Wordy's job ordering process is quick and simple. Our online platform handles most common file formats including MS Office, OpenOffice, PDF and LaTeX. Upon uploading your content you get an instant price quote and approximate delivery time based on your current pricing plan. In addition, turnaround time averages 1,200 words per hour with most jobs being completed within a few hours or less, depending on length and complexity.

If you are pleased with the results of an initial piece of work, you can request the same editor or group of editors for subsequent pieces. This is particularly helpful if your company wants a consistent written style across the organisation for various projects and presentations. With competition among companies growing in many sectors, it makes sense to give your business as many advantages as you can. Polished written material gives an excellent first impression and showcases your product or service impeccably.


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