Legal proofreading services
by Wordy

Real-time, legal proofreading services by expert proofreaders

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Precise legal proofreading

Legal proofreading is probably one of the most important roles in the legal profession, as a wrongly placed comma or colon in a legal document can result in a significant difference in interpretation. With so much at stake, finding a high-quality proofreading service is extremely important.

Wordy offers online proofreading by highly trained professional editors who have extensive legal knowledge. Editors are familiar with legal terms and implications and are aware of the need for using particular phrases and sentence forms to convey the correct intent. As well as correcting faulty grammar and poor spelling, the proofreader will have the skills to ensure robust sentence construction and logical presentation of the end product.

Proofreading legal documents

If you haven't used an outside agency for proofreading legal documents before, Wordy will ease the decision. All work on the platform is carried out in real time by named editors with full and verified credentials.

In addition you can set up your own team of editors and even upload your own house style to ensure consistency across content. You can also add multiple users to your account on Wordy without losing control of budget and spending.

Wordy's online proofreading services

Using specific editors from Wordy for proofreading of your legal documents enables you to build a relationship with the editor in the same way as any other valued colleague.

Our online legal proofreading service can offer the same level of commitment and dedication as your existing staff team, but in a flexible and non-obligatory way. Given the non-negotiable deadlines and tight timescales that are endemic in the legal profession, it makes sense to use a skilled professional to ensure your documents are swiftly and accurately checked.

Knowing your paperwork is flawless is imperative to achieving a successful outcome in legal matters and ensures you are offering clients an appropriately high level of service.