How to find a reliable proofreading service

Submitting your text to a reliable proofreading service is a satisfying next step once you’ve typed the final full stop. But what does “reliable” mean? It means a service that can connect you with an expert editor who will return your work free of errors, on time, and for a fair price. At Wordy, we match the right editors with the right content, just as we aim to offer the same quality, speed and price for businesses, academic and individual writers alike. We believe in working with the same editors for a long time to reduce churns and learning curves as well as simple mistakes that could’ve been avoided with experience. Here’s our take on how you can find a reliable proofreading service for your next project.

Expect great quality with comprehensive guarantees

Getting your content into publish-ready state is all about making sure that grammatical and structural errors, consistency issues and misuse of wording are rooted out. So the very first thing you should expect from your proofreading service is a dedication to accuracy and readability. All Wordy editors are professional editors with many years of experience working in a broad range of content areas. That’s your guarantee for a professional handling of your specific content. That said, Wordy editors proofread, edit and rewrite tens of thousands of pieces of content every year, and so mistakes do happen. If we make an error, we go through a defined process of reviewing the piece, evaluating the errors, and offering a free re-edit by the same or a new editor and possibly a refund based on the number of errors and inconsistencies we find in the text. This process is designed to run as smoothly as possible, without interrupting your publishing workflow, and is, of course, backed up by service and support via live chat or email when you need it.

Expect delivery times that meet your deadline

For most of Wordy’s clients, speed of delivery sits right next to quality of content. We have streamlined our ordering process to make it straightforward and user-friendly, so that your job is handed over to editors as smoothly as possible. Once you’ve uploaded your content, set your language, briefed the editor and submitted the order, the job is sent either to your editor team or to a relevant pool of editors. Wordy will give you an approximate delivery time, based on prior jobs of the same size and language settings, and so you always know when you can expect your content back in great shape.

Expect working with the same editors to reduce learning curves

Wordy’s editors have been with us for years, so we’ve got to know them well. Their familiarity with the platform means they understand our expectations (and yours) that a job will be done well and in good time and that the communication between you and them will be courteous, informative and professional. If you “click” with one or more editors and want to make sure you work with them again, you can build an editor team. Setting up a team means your job will be shown to your selected editors ahead of the rest of the pool, thus giving you ease of mind about the high standards you can expect and Wordy will deliver.

Expect secure file handling and built-in NDAs

All content on Wordy is processed in a secure environment with multiple layers of security to avoid any breach of data. We set aside a large portion of our technical developer time to ensure that the code is fully up to par when it comes to data integrity and security of files and texts. We use tried and tested data frameworks and hosting solutions that comply with data security laws in the US, EU, UK and the rest of the world. In addition, all editors on Wordy work under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), so you can rest assured that your confidential information stays confidential for as long as needed. Wordy is happy to sign any proprietary NDAs to ensure full compliance with your legal department and requirements. When it comes for you to find a reliable proofreading service, we think this is essential.

Expect real-time access to editors even after the job has been delivered

When a job on Wordy is assigned to an editor, you get real-time access via a dedicated job page and messaging board. This is great for last-minute changes to your brief or for any questions, comments or concerns that can arise in the editing process. Of course, the messaging system works both ways. In case the editor has any questions for you, we always suggest that you keep your job page open or adjust your notification settings in Wordy to let you know the minute any messages from your editor come through. This is a great way to make sure that no questions are left unanswered – even after the job has been delivered.

Expect easy sharing of content with colleagues and group-wide accounts

Wordy is built from the group up as a multi-user platform, which means that group- or even company-wide accounts are easy to set up and manage. As an account owner, you can set different permissions for each user, just as you can track usage and spending for the account in true realtime. If your multi-user account has an editor team or a house style set, all jobs processed via the account use the same editor team and house style to ensure consistency and a uniform tone of voice from reports to presentations to emails. For enterprise accounts, we offer monthly invoicing on flexible payment terms. Get in touch for more information.

Expect competitive pricing with fair margins

Even though Wordy has some of the fastest turnaround times on the market, we believe in fair pricing. This is why we don’t have a huge array of delivery options and pricing tiers. Instead, we keep it simple with just two delivery options: “Standard” and “Express”. For both options, you still get an approximate delivery time and an instant price quote. In both cases, we strive to deliver your jobs within the estimated delivery time. Moreover, we know that keeping costs under control is vital in all content creation, so we don’t believe in hasty price changes on Wordy, but a fair price point with fair and competitive margins – all to reduce the stress of selecting the right delivery option.

Expect us to reply to your enquiries within 24 hours

We hope you now have a better understanding of what to look for when trying to find a reliable proofreading service. If you have any questions or comments on our processes or what we can do to make your content publish-ready, please get in touch. You should, of course, expect us to get back to you, at least within 24 hours. Nothing else would do for us.

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